Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Metadata Update #14 - My Mini MOOC

So lately I've been busy basically taking one Coursera MOOC after the other.  I'm learning a lot and amazed that the quality of classes I am getting for free.

So, I put together my own little mini MOOC for folks interested in where the big picutre of data and metadata might be going.  There are no assignments, tests or discussion forums.  Instead, I have put together a collection of videos that you can watch (maybe one a day or one every couple of days) that discuss some of the thinking and technologies that are themes in discussions about where metadata and discovery in libraries are likely going.  I've organized the list from the most wide ranging and general to the most specific and library-related.

For the first three videos, I attended these sessions live and I've selected them because they are the best of the type that I have seen yet.

For the last 2 BIBFRAME videos, I didn't attend these particular sessions but I attended similar sessions at ALA MidWinter.  I apologize if the last videos are a little more dry than the previous ones.  This was the best that I could find. 

If you are interested in more information on this topic or want to start a discussion on any of these topics, let me know and I'll see what I can find or figure out.

Videos on Big Data, Shared Data, Linked Data and BIBFRAME

1.  Alistair Croll’s talk on Big Data from ALA Midwinter (I attended this one in person – it’s long but easy to watch)

2.  Shared Data and the Future of Libraries: (Mostly big data discussion)

3.  Linked Data:  What is means for the future of libraries

4.  Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME)

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