Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Metadata update # 36: What Makes a Great Leader

As happens with this blog from time to time, I have been away from posting for a while.  The reasons are many. 

I was thinking about all of the interesting and supportive email I got last year and it reminded me that people do read this blog - at least sometimes.  Given that I'm not in a position at the moment to write posts like I used-to, maybe I can at least write short ones.

Today I am reflecting on the issue of leadership in cataloguing and metadata and perhaps leadership in libraries in general.  There is no question that our discipline and sub-discipline, if you wish to call it that, is undergoing significant change.  It occurs to me that those working in cataloguing and metadata positions need to be leaders and to be supported by good leaders.

An article on "great bosses" written by someone called Matt Mover came through my mailbox from LinkedIn and it struck me as a perfect place to begin my own reflection on the issue of leadership in libraries:


The title is "Great Bosses are Passionate to Everyone".  The title was puzzling to me.   I didn't know what it meant so I thought that I would skim through it.  After skimming through it I went back to read it in detail and felt that it was an excellent point from which I could restart my blog.

There's no sense in making the same points that you can read for yourself in the article.  Maybe you agree with what he has written and maybe you don't.   What I take away from the article is that "good bosses" are passionate about their work; are strong and mature; and they have your back and are out to support you.  As the cataloguing and metadata profession goes through this time of change, we need to be good leaders and we need to have good leaders.