Monday, 27 February 2012


I don't know if I'll have time for a Metadata update this week.  However, I did the exercise for 23 Things this morning on Prezi.  It's an interesting tool.  In a few minutes I made this presentation:
I think that I like that it is so quick and easy to make a presentation.  However, I usually use other software that has more features and offers me more control so I found some things about Prezi to be a little frustrating.  While a person can sit down and use it almost right away, it is often difficult to achieve the precise results I want.  I found that as I was working with it I just gave up trying to get certain effects.  Instead I just did the sorts of things that the application is well-suited to doing.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing if all I want to do is bang out a nice-looking presentation quickly.  However, if I am trying to design specific things for specific reasons, I think that it would be frustrating and ineffective to use.  It is better to spend the time learning the more complex software in that case.

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